About us

The Limnology Lab is located in the Department of Ecology of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and is headed by professors Francisco Esteves, Reinaldo Bozelli, Vinicius Farjalla, João Leal, Marcos Paulo Figueiredo Barros and Laisa Freire.


Currently we have two laboratories, in different university campi: one at Rio de Janeiro city, on UFRJ campus in Cidade Universitária  (Limnology Lab), and another in Macaé city, 125 miles north of Rio (Aquatic Ecology Lab). The lab develops research in coastal lagoons on Rio, in Amazon rivers and other ecosystems.

Two objectives are present in all our activities: training of professionals with solid scientific knowledge and ethical principles and the development of research projects that result in scientific development and are committed with the social role of limnology.


This work is focused on the following lines of research:

You can contact us at: limnoufrj@gmail.com

And you can find us in:

UFRJ Limnology Lab – Rio de Janeiro
Avenida Carlos Chagas Filho, 373, Prédio do CCS, Bloco A, Sub-Solo, Sala A0-008
Cidade Universitária, Ilha do Fundão, Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brasil
Phone: +55 21 2562-6319 / 2270-4950
Aquatic Ecology Lab – NUPEM
Avenida São José do Barreto, São José do Barreto – Macaé – RJ – Brazil
Phone: +55 22 2762-9313 / 2759-3431 / 2759-3420

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